Nov 3, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

We had a blast celebrating Halloween.  Andrew keeps reminding me that we had "a great time at Stella's Halloween Party".  Yes, my little man, we did!  Stella (aka our friend Jamie and Tom's daughter) lives in a great trick-or-treating neighborhood so we joined them for all the fun!
 I asked Andrew if he was going to rescue Stella since he was a dragon and she was a princess.  He said, "no, I'm going to put her in a cave."  He can be so sweet:)

 Super proud of his candy stash!

 Trick-or-treat buddies

Daddy got out of work just in time to catch the last block of trick-or-treating.  Andrew was thrilled!

Oct 18, 2010

Loving the Fall

 At the Zoo with Nami and Papa

 Apple picking with Grammy and Papa

 "Cat" at University of Dayton picnic

 Loving the pumpkin patch

 Even a few days at the beach...yes it has been a great fall:)

Jun 28, 2010

Summer far

Camping with the Schimmel's.  Long fun days followed by these cute little kids in footy pj's.

New favorite game...stealing daddy's hat and making him chase to get it back.

 Superman with Papa Taylor.

Wisconsin Dells Vacation with Nami, Papa, Jax and us.  Day 1 - Wisconsin Dells Duck ride.

The boys with Papa.

Just one of the many "fish" moments...slides, slashing, hanging out in the inner tube...Andrew loved the water!

Finally some rest..........

Jun 19, 2010

Round 2

It has been ages since I posted a thing!  That is because the little bun inside this oven made me very sick for two months.  That is right, Andrew is finally going to be a big brother!  We are thrilled to be growing our family!  Stay tuned for more solo Andrew action until we welcome number two into the world sometime around Dec 6, 2010.

Mar 25, 2010

Running Machine

Andrew loves to play "chase" which means we run around our condo at length.  Today while being chased (not to mention sweating and breathing hard) I said, "Andrew you are too fast for me."  To which he promptly replied, "I know, mom!"
Thank you for the cardio workout, my friend!!

Mar 2, 2010

It's been a while...

Oh, how time flies.  We have been having a great time and enjoying Andrew's zest for everything active!  I actually almost lost an eye today playing soccer with him.  He has been changing in more subtle ways recently...playing more by himself, trying to memorize his story books...but it is all great fun!

Here is what we have been up to...
The week before Thanksgiving, we went to Arizona to visit Great-Grandma and Grandpa Taylor.

Then it was time to celebrate his 3rd birthday...what how did he get to be 3 already??  Nami and Papa came to Chicago to celebrate.

Then it was off to Grosse Pointe for Thanksgiving with the Berschback family.

Christmas was super fun this year.  We went to Minnesota for about 5 days which was awesome!  Andrew enjoyed himself thoroughly!

Then, we got to spend some time with the Berschback's...we packed our place to the gills and had a great time!!  Including Zoo Lights on New Year's Eve.

The new year has brought many fun experiences and an ever growing boy.  Good thing Andrew and daddy are filling their tummies with plenty of cookie dough to sustain them...

Now, Andrew is all about doing everything himself...including washing his hair and taking pictures

Nov 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Carving pumpkins with daddy. This thing is hilarious...three circles, a Michigan "M", and a triangle! Whatever works!

"Look at my dinosaur tail, mommy. It's my special tail."

The family trick-or-treating.

With our friends...Tom and his daughter Stella.

Minus the head piece...